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Are you exhausted? Do you dread the thought of bedtime and getting your child to sleep? Is your child waking once or more during the night? Does he/she need to be rocked, bounced or fed to sleep?  Maybe they only nap in the car or stroller? Catnaps? Cranky baby? Cranky parents?

Are you looking for someone to help you that isn't going to suggest Cry It Out? Someone who cares about your family's needs?

If any of this sounds like you, then you have come to the right place! In just a couple of weeks I can help you dramatically improve your family's sleep. 


About Shannon

Aka The Sleep Sage


As a Mom of three boys I understand sleep deprivation! As a Health Coach, I know that lack of sleep can cause depression, forgetfulness, aging, weight gain, lack of sex drive and can lead to many serious health conditions.

After six months of severe sleep deprivation with my third son, I knew that I needed to do something. I had heard of other Moms using Sleep Consultants but I also didn't want my baby to cry it out. I decided to call one company and learned that sleep training does not have to mean Cry It Out so we decided to go ahead. In less than 2 weeks our lives were changed for the better. I felt like I came out of a fog, my energy increased, I was so much happier and was a better mom, wife and person. My son was also a much happier baby.

Sleep is as important as food and water...we all need it! After my experience I knew that I wanted to help other families who are suffering from sleep deprivation, so I researched over 10 different sleep schools and found one that trains in all different sleep teaching methods and focuses on the science of sleep. I am fully trained, mentored and certified by Baby Sleep Consultant Training Ltd.

I am also trained in nutrition and how it affects sleep, breastfeeding, PPD & anxiety, different parenting philosophy’s and temperaments.

My approach is a holistic one. You can read more here.

Kind Words From Past Clients

“Shannon was so great at getting my son’s sleeping back on track after a trip back east. He went from napping twice a day for 20 to 30 minutes to napping at regular times and sleeping 12 to 13 hours at night. Shannon worked with us to set up a sleep plan for my son that worked with our family’s lifestyle and a lo structure and routine in my sons life. She was available for questions when we have them and  checked in to make sure we are always on track. “ Staci W.

"Shannon took on our family as a sleep consultant when our son was 3 months old.  Coming out of a very tough period of Colic, we had adopted almost every sleep crutch possible and were nervous about sleep training. Shannon's plan took in to consideration our specific circumstances.  She was kind and understanding of our apprehensions.  She gave insightful and knowledgeable advice, as well as personal and relate-able experiences to help ease our fears about sleep training.  With her advice, we were able to transition in to a sleep plan that worked for our family.  After a short time we had a self soothing, sleeping little one, that I wouldn't have thought possible.  We're a grateful and rested family.  🙂 " Maron J.

“Having a second baby should be easy right? You should know all the tricks to getting your baby to sleep since it’s your second time doing it right? WRONG!!! We forgot everything we were supposed to do to train baby good sleep habits and had to re-train ourselves on dealing with newborn babies unpredictable sleep needs. Shannon was super helpful with sharing tips for good sleep habits and setting realistic expectations for us as to what we could expect from our new baby. Her tips on sleep / wake patterns and how to read babies subtle (now obvious) cues helped to make nap time and bedtime more enjoyable for the entire house.  She took time to know our needs by asking great questions about our lifestyle and personalities to tailor suggestions that would work specially for us. Thank you Shannon for helping us understand our babies needs and how to meet them.”   Andrea W.

"We used Shannon to help us form good sleep habits with our 3 month old son. Shannon was a good listener to our needs and wants as parents and helped prepare a program that suited our child’s easygoing  and calm personality. She was always available for a consult and checked in with us frequently. Shannon helped to show us how to sleep train our son in a manner that was efficient but gentle. She gave us the courage to try new things and helped give us back some free time as adults once the baby was asleep. I would recommend Shannon in a heartbeat." Rachael G. 

Sleep Services



Looking for more sleep? We offer custom sleep solutions that will have your family sleeping though the night in no time. The Sleep Sage offers a variety of sleep packages for newborns to toddlers. We even help expecting parents be prepared!


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Sleep, health, food and family.

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